Very very upset, Lv package came today with missing product inside


Feb 13, 2020
This is the first time I had an issue like this in my life. I always heard similar issues online, but today I’m one of the victims….the package with key pouch came today and dropped off at my front door, it seemed like it was already opened and re-taped! I immediately took a picture before i opened it . And then after I opened, everything else is there except that the key pouch is missing. Soo soo mad I’m! Called LV and shared the pictures with them. Let’s see what’s next. LV said it usually takes about 14days for the investigation


Jul 20, 2021
I think they need to change the way they package their items. I have gotten several packages like that- already opened, and sometimes retaped. Luckily my items are still inside.


Feb 13, 2020
I think they need to change the way they package their items. I have gotten several packages like that- already opened, and sometimes retaped. Luckily my items are still inside.
Ah it was good that your items are there. I have ordered LV online many times, and this is the first time that there was a tape on the packaging. I was very suspicious when it came like that. Bad luck today :sad:


May 14, 2012
I wondered…. Could the item be missing because it was left unattended and someone walked past and “open-steal” the item? Or is it opened by delivery personnel as they know who the sender is and know they could easily sell it off or have it for themselves?
I feel the pain you go through. You stalked for so long and finally when your dream is about to come true it came up empty!!
I’m just wondering the problem is with dishonest delivery personnel or opportunist passer-by.


Sep 14, 2014
This seems to happen a lot now. I know that LV have changed their delivery policy with UPS here in the UK. To get an item delivered now you have to have someone in at the time of delivery and the passport or driving license of the person the package is intended for (or the person at that address who’s accepting the delivery) and then the driver has to document a specific number from the ID.


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Sep 4, 2011
UPS knows what our boxes are!!!! A few weeks ago, the UPS guy goes as I am receiving the box from him, "oooooh someone got something good." And I go, "It's paper!" He goes, "nooooo I know that that is something designer like coach or gucci." I just stared at him stunned. And then I got louder, "It's paper refills!" But how the EFF should he know I ordered anything like that? It's none of their damn business. I tweeted about it. Pissed me off. So if you have some new UPS driver who doesn't care about their job and they know from their paperwork that it's from a designer house. Of course they might open it, take it, and close it back up. Grr!
May 24, 2015
Ah that’s terrible!!
I always have my packages delivered to the store because I’m afraid of this exact thing happening to me.
True, it’s a pain to take the time to drive all the way to go pick up the item but I’m also able to inspect it right there and then and decide if I’m keeping or not. Of course this will be hard if there are no stores near you.

hope you resolve it soon. Hugs


Jan 29, 2010
Sorry and shock to know that incident actually happened :mad:
Over here, before they send using LV White Glove Service, they used DHL. DHL delivery know that they are delivering LV because all the courier boxes have big ‘Louis Vuitton’ on it, and the boxes are very well sealed, I can only tear the strip to open it, the other parts of the boxes are completely ‘not destructible’. I couldn’t flatten the boxes , so the recycle people have to walk a few rounds in order to take all the boxes
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