Help please! Fairy bag repair


May 12, 2013
I recently came across a Prada fairy bag on a consignment site. I’m fairly new to Prada in general, and to the fairy bags in particular - But my gosh, I just felt an emotional connection with this design - it reminded me of childhood; and of my dad, who unfortunately now is suffering from dementia. So deep was the connection I felt,
that needless to say, I purchased the bag, which was in “never carried” condition.
It arrived in seemingly perfect condition, but, as soon as I basically opened the bag, the lambskin lining started cracking, first along the seams, but then along every fold of the leather, just from the subtle movement! It seems that just from the bag sitting unstuffed, small cracks appear from it collapsing - as well as larger areas that look almost “blistering”. (See photos)
Turning to this forum for information, I was gutted to learn of this well known problem with these bags and I really wish I’d done my research beforehand!
But, she is mine - and despite the flaws, I do love the bag. I would be really grateful to know what other ladies have done with this problem, and if anyone came up with a solution for how to stop the damage from growing?
I want to use the bag - but I don’t want the lining to come apart! The blistering areas are a huge concern, as I fear the leather is so delicate, the surface may simply peel off, and expose the tan nap underneath!
I’ve been thinking of ways to solve the problem - like glueing up the cracks, or carrying it with a felt liner insert to protect the lining.
But before I try anything, I want to reach out to this great community and ask if anyone found a way that works, for how to use a fairy bag, without it ending up in shreds?
Please help by sharing your experience and advice!
Thank you so much in advance!
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