For Love of Spikes


Sep 18, 2008
Just scored a pair of my "always wanted" heels. I never thought I would find these beauties. To me they have everything a girl could want in a pair of heels.
Platform Soles - to soften the load on my toes and balls of my feet
Clear Sides - to show off my pedicure
All Over Spikes - to add a bit of bling, especially when paired with a spiked top, spiked jacket, spiked choker and/or spiked handbag
Nicely Curved Arch - always adds that little something to a pair of heels
Tall Thin Heel - Perfect for those of us who are vertically challenged

and - if any of you have a pair of heels with spikes, please post. I'd love to see yours too. perfect plats.gif


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Aug 15, 2010
This world
Great find. These are definitely fierce!
I remember around 2011-2012 dsquared2 had that design, but they also had spikes on the sole.
By the time I wanted to get them for DW - could not find them in her size. Dsquared2 also had a clear boot with spikes.
Which brand are these?